Self Pres Subtype

Learning why the Self Pres Subtype is motivated by the ongoing search for survival and well-being is key to growth.

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All instinctual subtypes have their specific orientation, and the Self Pres is based on the relationship of one, the merged, pre-verbal state with mother and our nature. The Self-Preservation Instinctual Subtype is motivated by the ongoing search for survival and well-being. Anything that could possibly challenge the self is of concern.

The focus of attention is subtly on the self and its world. The primary desire is for security, which is manifested by the continual quest for well being, and for the essential needs of life, such as food, comfort, safety, protection, and resources. The survival strategy places an intense emphasis on either caution or self-destruction, such as challenges with money, or personal health.<

Safety for the Self Pres Subtype

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The Self Pres Subtype sees being safe and physically comfortable with self as a priority. Attention can quickly go to problems in the environment like poor lighting, uncomfortable chairs, discomfort with the room temperature, or even things like the sound track of a movie being too loud.

The Self Pres Subtype will often have issues connected with food and drink, either overdoing it or having strict dietary requirements. You can often spot this subtype by their habitual attention with making sure they bring the essentials of bodily comfort when going someplace, like a jacket, water, a pillow, etc. Routine plays a strong part in this type's behavior, meaning that the requirements for self-pres needs are adhered to before other obligations are taken into account, because without such considerations the immediate moment is difficult to manage. The focus is to aggressively go after what one needs and/or to defensively hold onto what one has.

The Concerns & Questions Involve Issues of Living and Compromise

  • "To be or not to be?"
  • "How to be?"
  • "How am I?"
  • "How secure am I?"

  • Rather than looking to the group or a mate to solve problems, these types tend to "look inward" based upon an inherent recognition that "I'm on my own," and "I have to take care of myself." These behaviors are also sometimes referred to as support functions, or task functions.

    The Self-Pres Subtype Words for Each Enneagram Point

  • Point 1 Anxiety, worry
  • Point 2 Me first privilege
  • Point 3 Survival security
  • Point 4 Reckless, dauntless
  • Point 5 My home, my castle
  • Point 6 Warmth, affection
  • Point 7 Family of like-minded defenders
  • Point 8 Satisfactory survival
  • Point 9 Appetites, insatiable