Enneagram Subtype Workshop

The Enneagram Subtype Workshop explores the primary area of psychological wounding and aids in rapid personal growth.

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Within each Enneagram Point is an Instinctual Subtype that comprises the core psychological wounding. If you haven't reviewed Subtypes, please familiarize yourself for a better understanding of this workshop.

This core is the most problematic area of our lives, and it determines our instinctual selves, or subtype. These survival instincts, or drives, are part of our body-based intelligence. Although we manifest all three subtypes to some degree, only one is our primary focus.

Which Describes You Best?

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Growing Beyond the Wound

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In the Enneagram Subtype Workshop, you see that the Subtype is where we were most wounded in early life, which is why it's our primary concern and preoccupation. The difficulties that arise in our relationships and in life originate in this core subtype, which is why physiologically, the Subtype is that area where the energies of the physical body are joined to the emotional fixations of one's Enneagram Point.

As we grow beyond childhood, this core wound evolves into our strategy as a way to deal with our fixation. The fixation then, becomes the converter that moves us from the ordinary to higher states of consciousness.

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