Social Work Continuing Education

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Recently, the Oregon Chapter of the NASW approved the Enneagram Panel Workshop for 17 hours of Social Work Continuing Education Units, hosted by Enneagram veteran, Barbara Hastings. This information can be verified by calling the Chapter office -- 888-842-8420, or going to the NASW Web site.

Social Worker Benefits - Enneagram Personality Panel

As the NASW has often mentioned, you need more than a caring attitude to succeed in social work, you must be good at relating to people during difficult times of their lives. Your skill with providing emotional support at times of crisis is just one of your tasks, but it's the most crucial task if you expect your work to have lasting success.

What would it mean to you if you could anticipate, or sometimes predict client behavior? In the Enneagram Panel Workshop, you will learn why therapists, corporations, and even the CIA use this ancient, personality typology. More importantly you'll benefit by enriched client relationships and the success that naturally transpires from this workshop.

The ability to pierce the complexity of psychological defenses that confront a social worker can easily get client relations started on the wrong foot. How would you know if you were counseling a "Perfectionist," or an "Optimist?"  Do you know about "look-alikes?"

Personal Growth Counseling - Aligned with NASW

For over two decades, Barbara Hastings, the Director of Personal Growth Counseling has made a personal mission of understanding the complexities of human psychology toward effective personal and group transformation. Like the NASW, Barbara has sought to enhance the professional work of therapists along with the well-being of individuals, families, and communities through her instruction in the Enneagram Panel Workshop, giving individuals a hands-on experience of identifying and deepening their understanding of human personalities. Barbara has also focused on improving communication through professional knowledge and skills that are provided by the Enneagram typology.

Technology - Live Workshop Format Deepens Learning

Technologies are increasingly available for therapeutic interactions, including real-time chat sessions and online support groups. As the NASW recommends, caution and great care should be employed using any of these technologies, which is why Barbara Hastings hosts the Enneagram Panel Workshop in a live setting in Bend, Oregon. Frequently, participants comment how much they gain from this live setting.

Subtypes - New Program May 2014

Look for the Enneagram Subtype Workshop coming in 2014. The Enneagram Subtypes are the three core wounding aspects that aid in refining the laser-effectiveness of your client work.