Point 1 Perfectionist - Learn More Than One Way

The growth edge of Point 1 Perfectionist is learning there's more than one way.

"The Right Way."


  • Integrity
  • Idealist
  • Self-Reliant
  • Impeccable
  • Self-Improvement
  • Diligence
  • Responsible
  • Conscientious
  • Perfectionist path symbol

    Where Attention & Energy Go Against Personal Growth

  • Internal standards of correctness that can be relentlessly demanding and personal growth barriers
  • Concern about potential criticism from others; habit of comparing self to others
  • Displacement of anger generated by unmet needs targeting 'legitimate' global 'wrongs'
  • Difficulty acknowledging personal desire that does not conform to standards of correctness
  • Point 1 Perfectionist worries about decisions, stemming from the fear of being wrong.
  • The tone and color of these tendencies will vary depending upon your instinctual subtype

  • Fixations

    • Anger
    • Resentment

    Higher Aspects

    • Perfection
    • Serenity

    Enneagram Point 1 Perfectionist Look-Alikes

    Point 3 & 1 -- Both are achievers, goal & success oriented
  • 1's - Inner critic, high standards, motivated by 'what is right'
  • 3's - Reaching goal for external recognition, will "cut corners" for efficiency
  • Point 5 & 1 -- Both are intellectual, analytical, can be internal
  • 1's - Point 1 Perfectionist is intense, suppresses desires, seeks to improve self & others
  • 5's - Detaches from feelings for protection & to maintain energy
  • Point 6 & 1 -- Both can be cautious, anxious, worried, needing to figure things out
  • 1's - By judging/comparing tries to prevent mistakes, correct what is wrong, avoid criticism
  • 6's - By doubting tries to figure out what can go wrong in order to gain safety, worst case scenario
  • Point 8 & 1 -- Both are concerned with justice, truth, fairness and what is right
  • 1's - Suppresses anger/impulse, self-righteousness develops in order to allow anger to move
  • 8's - States their truth openly/directly, easily moves from impulse to action

  • Summary - Point One Perfectionist

    The Point 1 Perfectionist generally have a high set of standards by which they judge themselves and others. Unconsciously there is a tendency to compare reality with what should be, rather than what is. The belief is that one can gain worthiness or love through being 'good,' and adhering to the 'rules' of internal correctness.

    The perfectionist can work tirelessly toward perfection, although it is rarely reached, which can bring on continual disappointment. Resentment, which can turn into self righteous anger, can build for a Point One when they feel or see others not putting forth the same effort to achieve the appropriate behavior they have set for themselves and others.

    There is an internal critic that keeps track constantly of all the things that are 'not right.' It feels important to keep track so that the critic will stay at bay. There is a displacement of anger generated by unmet needs of always having to be good or right. This leaves no room for 'bad' feelings such as anger or being in touch with one's desire as they, too, might be 'bad.'

    The healthy side of a Perfectionist can easily be ethically discerning, dispassionate and fair. They can appreciate that there is more than one right way, and accept imperfections in self and others. They can be very highly principled and willing to sacrifice a great deal for a principle.

    Point 1 Perfectionist grow by knowing what they want instead of what would be right.

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