Point 5 Observer

The growth edge of Point 5 Observer is to feel feelings, not detach from them.

"I need space."


  • Scholarly
  • Respectful
  • Thoughtful
  • Dependable
  • Calm in Crisis
  • Knowledgeable
  • Confidentiality
  • Simplicity
  • Observer path symbol

    Where Attention & Energy Go Against Personal Growth

  • Point 5 Observer has delayed reactions allowing feelings to surface when alone
  • High regard for self-sufficiency by minimizing needs, which is one of many personal growth barriers
  • Focus energy on interactions from the point of view of an outside observer.
  • Very supportive of others when freed of obligations and not made the object of attention
  • Confusion between spiritual non-attachment and need to withdraw from emotions by detaching
  • Interest in special knowledge, analytic systems - operate as substitutes for emotional experience
  • The tone and color of these tendencies will vary depending upon your instinctual subtype
  • Protect from intrusion and inadequacy of not knowing feelings through privacy, compartmentalizing

  • Fixations

    • Avarice
    • Withdrawn

    Higher Aspects

    • Non-Attachment
    • Omniscience

    Enneagram Observer Look-Alikes

    Point 1 & 5 -- Both intellectual, can become retracted or internalized trying to figure things out
  • 5's - Detaches from feelings to protect self from being intruded upon and to conserve energy
  • 1's - Intense, suppresses desires, seeks to improve self and others
  • Point 2 & 5 -- Both sensitive & giving to important others and don't know their own feelings
  • 5's - Periods of giving/responding are intermittent, needs to disconnect to recharge
  • 2's - Sustains giving, almost always moving into connection to meet needs & loses boundaries
  • Point 3 & 5 -- Both can be task oriented, suspend feelings to avoid their influence
  • 5's - Activity, energy expression in bursts, interspersed with retraction to re-charge/think things over
  • 3's - Activity is essentially continuous, go-head energy, concern for keeping a good image
  • Point 9 & 5 -- Both can be retracted, inwardly thoughtful, withdraw from external influences
  • 5's - Point 5 Observer detaches from others, asserts boundaries in self-protection
  • 9's - Least able to detach, blends with others and goes along to keep life harmonious / comfortable

  • Summary - Point Five - Observer

    The core issue for the Point 5 Observer is fear of feelings. Because of this fear, they learned to detach from their feelings early on in life. Fives struggle with the fact that their emotional connections to other people are more available when they are alone recreating an encounter, than when those same people are physically present. If overwhelmed by powerful or continuous contact, the Five will withdraw in order to figure out where they stand.

    They have a desire to know, to understand reality so they can know where they are with others. They can hoard their perceptions, observations, and insights for future use. There is a high regard for self-sufficiency through minimizing needs, limiting desire and wants, and compartmentalizing parts of their life.

    Observers generally live in their thoughts and have developed abilities to analyze and synthesize knowledge. Knowledge is power to a five. Close relationships can lead to feeling overwhelmed. The people with this point often state that early in life they felt invaded by one or both parents.

    Making decisions can be easy for this type, because of their clear ability to think. They also have the ability to stay centered when others around them are losing their heads.

    The Point Five will give you what you want in order to be left alone and as a way to conserve energy. While they can be sympathetic to another's point of view it is from a distant perspective to avoid getting personally upset. They feel like they have a limited amount of energy and must assert strong boundaries to self-protect, with a need to recharge and be alone.

    A healthy Point 5 Observer is able to balance interacting with the world and withdrawing from it. This type is known for its competency and knowledge and sometimes genius. There is a live and let live quality to this type.

    Point 5 Observer grows by entering the realm of their feelings, joining mind and emotion; letting other people affect them in a deep and personal way; and by consciously choosing to stay open and not shut down.

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