Personal Growth Counseling Rediscovering Self

Personal growth counseling utilizing the Enneagram, offers a unique and effective tool for personal growth. When an infant experiences a feeling, it's expressed throughout his entire organism. Whether the experience is joy or unhappiness, every particle of the infant's being participates in the expression; there's no holding back.

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For most infants, the home environment has a thick psychological energy that is primarily generated from the parents. So if the parents are experiencing feelings that limit their nurturing capacity, the natural result is that the child suffers.

Increasingly, as the child develops with the imposed nurturing limits and a moratorium on the expression of feelings, the distortions of personality are born. The matter becomes more complicated as most individuals attract other people who will behave as their parents did -- in order to work through what they weren't able to work through with their family -- which is natures way of attempting to integrate wholeness.

Whole Person Integration

In personal growth counseling you have permission to be yourself, but when you don't know who you are it's a little difficult to accomplish. An important part of effective counseling is to identify all of the parts that make up the whole person that you are. Many if not most people are lost in the psychological jungle, trying to make sense out of feelings whose context feels vague, and when that gets mixed with the multiple messages and voices we hear in our minds, it's like trying to untangle a warehouse filled with knotted rope - where do you begin? The good news - enlisting the aid of a skillful counselor will accelerate the untangling process. in fact, some of the things that feel tangled really aren't tangled at all.

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Personal Growth Sessions

Most find that a weekly meeting is optimal to maintain momentum and progress on the various issues that arise. You may want to have your top two or three issues noted prior to your first session.

Personal Growth Counseling Summary

Couples Counseling

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A common frustration for couples with traditional psychotherapy is the number of sessions required for the therapist to gain a comprehensive understanding of the underlying motivations of each partner. With the Enneagram, the underlying motivations are clearly known in the first session, and thereby progress can be achieved with fewer sessions. Naturally, the progress is slower if each partner does not possess an equal commitment to the process of couple counseling. Read more...

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Personal Growth Phone Counseling

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For some, after experiencing their initial Typing Session by phone, people are curious and want to deepen their understanding of themselves and schedule several follow up phone counseling. Many individuals have commented that they have been able to explore sensitive issues more easily over the phone than in person, because it feels less threatening than face-to-face counseling. Read more...

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Private Counseling

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It's common for some people who have been in Personal Growth Counseling, or in coaching sessions to stop, because they don't feel like anything is happening. These people don't feel like they are discovering anything practical to make their lives better. Consequently, they don't experience any real personal growth. Why? Read more...

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Personality Typing Sessions

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Determining your Enneagram point is fundamental to your personal growth. Knowing your Enneagram point will give you all the important landmarks of your personality. These personality characteristics are beneficial for you in developing a deeper and more compassionate relationship with yourself and your world in order for you to heal your challenges, and to maximize your strengths for personal growth. Additionally, having your Enneagram point will facilitate working in private sessions, and workshops. Read more...

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