Personal Growth Counseling Options

Personal growth counseling helps individuals solve personal growth challenges using the Enneagram and other tools. Below is a brief listing of what you can do on this site.

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Meet your personal growth counselor, Barbara Hastings. Do you find yourself challenged by emotional issues that are making it difficult to be in the world? Are your relationships in difficult places? Do you find yourself struggling against insurmountable odds? Discover how you can focus on what's most important to you. Take your time and explore the resources on the site. You might find a valuable first stop to visit the Enneagram page, which includes a brief summary of each personality type.

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Personal Growth Counseling Uniqueness

A primary tool that I use in working with clients utilizes an ancient, psychological typology system called, the Enneagram. With this unique tool we have objective access to your strengths, and clearer understanding of your challenges. You'll benefit by learning how to leverage your strengths and challenges for rapid personal growth. 

The Enneagram is regarded by many as one of the most effective personal growth development systems. This system comes to us from the Sufis, who, over 2,000 years ago created a psychological map of the human personality that remains one of the most powerful methods for understanding and developing personal growth.