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Transitions Workshop is a liberation for development to higher states of consciousness. The workshop offers a safe and supportive environment to explore the lessons presented by the inevitable transitions one encounters in life. This format provides a rare opportunity to examine the challenging 'in-between' places we find ourselves. However, this time we'll have the ability to see what's really happening to us in the midst of these transition points. The people who enter into this yearlong program will experience a deeper healing on their individual paths of personal growth, and wholeness.

The Workshop Groups are limited to no more than 16 people to allow a synergy and depth of work to take place both individually and collectively. In this exploration of allowing ourselves to find our individual truths, it possible to discover that, "It is not what you know, but who you are that heals."  - Carl Jung

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Transitions One-Year Format

The one-year format is quite simple. The Transitions Group meets once each quarter for in-depth weekend workshops, which includes a Friday evening, all day Saturday, and all day Sunday. Additionally, the group will meet monthly on Monday evenings.

The format is intentional in its design, which facilitates deeper experience, stronger bonding, and accelerated growth. The monthly Monday evenings provide a vital connection within the group, which facilitates further bonding and healing.

Individual and Group Dynamics

If you have experienced some form of psychological counseling or group therapy, you may already have some idea in your mind of what the Transitions Workshop might be like. You'll be partly correct in your assumptions, but Transitions is unlike anything you might imagine.

Many people find that working one-on-one is effective only to a degree, because the context of "individual experience" lacks the interactive feedback that the group provides. The group dynamic offers a real world, proving ground to test your individual experience against the backdrop of the group setting, which is not possible working one-on-one in individual counseling.

Group work can be incredibly powerful on many levels. Given that most of us were not "recognized as presence" when we were children, we often continue leading our lives with the inner unexpressed wounds or scars, all of which are generated from the experience of not being recognized as presence.

There's a beautiful group bond that is created in the group. The group bond helps to support the wholeness of each individual as the story of each person and the group unfolds.

Defense Mechanisms as Enneagram Points

As you know from your particular Enneatype, these various states of not being "recognized as presence" end up manifesting as defense mechanisms for surviving the "real world." When these defenses arise, you'll be able to see them in a clear light without shame or ridicule.

For example, if a Point Six finds he can't locate his authenticity, because he was not "recognized as presence," the workshop provides a safe place to experiment by exploring where that authority might be hiding, and begin healing whatever part of his wounding arises in that moment.

In a gentle, and safe form of inquiry with me, you will able to delve deeply into areas that have been challenging for you. During this process, you and I will work within the focused context of an issue, and have the additional benefit of group feedback, but only when appropriate.

A helpful way you can understand the Transitions experience is by imagining what it would be like having the family you always wanted; a family that recognizes you as presence, loves you for who you are, and tells you the truth.

Each individual has a natural unfolding of their healing, which needs to be honored. There's nothing forced or inauthentic in this process. This is deep sacred work, because it involves the real treasure of who you are.

Importance of Your Commitment

In the past, people who begin Transitions don't immediately realize the value of commitment, both to themselves and to the group. One of the best ways I know to help you understand this is to look at commitment through the perspective of both a child (the wounded nature) and a parent (the healed nature).

As a child you require consistency, continuity, and no mixed messages. To honor that for yourself and your fellow workshop participants, you show up and are present with the moment, regardless of how it may seem.

As a participant you show up with your presence for yourself and your fellow participants. And, there's an additional commitment to hold compassionate space and presence for that tender wounded place that is common to all humanity. After all, this sacred work deserves your commitment.

Fear Management

This type of deep intimate work can at times become very threatening to the tender and wounded selves, which is why we have these elaborate defenses. The elaborate defenses are all fear-based, and often mistaken in the world as either attractive or not so attractive "personality characteristics."

These fear-based defenses, or Enneagram traits, are simply behaviors we've adopted to protect ourselves from those in the world who do not recognize presence in themselves, nor in others. Transitions Workshop provides an ideal setting to explore the inner workings of these traits, and transform the fear into love.

Therefore, the group dynamic helps provide tremendous understanding, support, and encouragement to others who face similar issues, and also helps provide different perspectives, ideas and viewpoints on these issues.

At times someone's work in the group may trigger a wounding that was deeply buried in you. Often, this provides great insight where our awareness sees how we project our wounding onto another person inappropriately, which gives us more opportunity to grow and heal.

Fundamental Principle of "Being With"

While there are numerous ways you and I may work together in healing, the overarching method is one whose sole purpose is simply "being with" whatever is happening in the moment. On the surface, the process of "being with" may sound oversimplified, or ineffectual. On the contrary, when you are "present" in the process of "being with," you will experience a profound depth of wholeness, and often, great delight.

Everyone wants the same thing: To be healed and whole. This universal desire of wholeness arises out of the recognition that being a fragmented, wounded person who invests the majority of life energy in defending that fragmented, wounded self, is draining and is the source of great unhappiness.

This concept of being with facilitates growing the container of one's consciousness to hold whatever is arising at any given moment. As the container of consciousness grows, defenses drop away, and you emerge with a knowing that all is well, because you've pierced that wounded veil of illusion.

Next Steps - The Interview Process

    1. Review the information on this page completely so you understand your involvement and participation.
    2. To apply for the Transitions Workshop, send me an email requesting the Transitions Questions.
    3. Reply to the Transitions Questions email with your answers.
    4. Expect an email or phone call from me for scheduling an appointment for your Transitions Interview. The interview is not a therapeutic session. It's simply time specifically focused on the Transitions Questions.
    5. After the interview has concluded, I will review your situation both as an individual, and as a prospective member of the Transitions Group. Expect me to contact you within a few days to update you on the workshop.

Schedule your interview for the Transitions Workshop

Note: An interview is required.

Dates: TBA:

  • Location: Bend, Oregon (Directions upon registration)

    Time: Friday 6:50 p.m. to 10 p.m. -- Sat/Sun 9:50 a.m. to 6 p.m.

    Workshop Commitment: Regardless of personal circumstances that may prevent your attendance, you are obligated to pay each quarterly payment, and there are no refunds. Please be clear that your priorities are focused on your personal growth, which require your financial and calendar commitments for attendance.

    Important: Due to the space limitation, when you register for this workshop, you are agreeing to pay for the four workshops in full, even if you are unable to attend for some reason. Please be sure that you clear your calendar for this commitment.
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