Here are testimonials from Personal Growth Counseling clients.

I have a group where I'm totally accepted, valued and loved and I'm learning to do the same for myself. I feel so safe I can face my fear and really walk through it. I'm learning to look at the abundance in my life and feel gratitude about it. There is a part of me that now feels worthy and deserving. - Terry

It is a place to come back to center, a place to remind myself what is important and what I value. A place to see myself reflected back to myself from other personalities. It's been a place to share fear and fun and now share my joy. - Sharon

I've received true wisdom and understanding, and the blessing of being witnessed by a group of loving people. I have opened up and accepted myself. The truth will see us move to the light and cross the edge. I've grown more in the last 5 years than the previous 20. - Bronwyn

I can be as ugly as I need to be with everyone's support. I change that into beauty. - James

I value my experience of myself. I feel free, truthful, funny, happy, connected more and more. I get the value of long-term, deep work, hanging in there. I have to stay long enough to see who's really there. I find myself unconditional, forgiving and I'm learning to love myself and others. - Kim

The same group of people show up and create a container where I can go in and look inside. The consistency and the safety of the container allows me to investigate the shadow. The whole group does the same thing - investigating habits that run the show, which prevents them from experiencing their essence, their higher aspects. The mirroring from the other people allow the understanding of the higher aspects. - Liz

This is the only place I can come in shame and embarrassment and air my dirty laundry. It feels very dirty. I feel humiliated, but people respond with love, and that is healing. - Locke

My whole life I wanted inner peace. I feel now it's always been with me and it's within my reach. Like "Oz," it's been home all the time. No matter what comes up, I can handle it. I now know that whatever happens to me is for my highest good. I've learned to replace expectations of what I want with acceptance of what is which gives me the peace I've been seeking my whole life. - Chelsea

The group gives me hope. I watch others change their lives and I have hope that I can change mine. This group is an amazing gift that I've gotten to develop this with. Everyone in my life has benefited. - Patricia

I often question my ability to do different things. In here, I get a rebirth of self confidence. I feel capable and I don't question it. More and more I can take this from the group into my life. I trust the group to help me continue. - Laura

As a teenager I dreamt of a community with unconditional love. I experience that love here so I trust to go deep enough to do the deepest work. This work makes a difference in the world. I'm learning to tell the truth about how I really feel. Feels so real, good and not made up. I know that I can go where I need to go- I want to fly. - Gail

For me this is a safe place to explore the deeper levels of my being and inevitably I get to another layer of truth, and ultimately healing. The level of support is powerful - companions battling our little demons. - Victor

The group is a huge vessel of love and support. It's like coming home to myself in a big way. I find I have more courage than I thought possible. The community in the workshops is like nothing I have out there; every three months it's a way to connect back to a clear deepening part of myself. - Mary

For me the group has taught me about taking personal responsibility for myself in the world. The trust for all comes from knowing that I create my own reality. The habits are a way of sabotage- to see that it's a pattern of habit. It's become a manifesting machine. There's a mysterious magic and it's very mundane - the same as making salad. It's been really great not to have to be raging or manic and I experience more and more love in my life. - Margret

The biggest thing I've found is that nothing I've said is ever dismissed, looked down upon - it's all important. Because of this, it allows me to start to love myself. Barbara's experience and guidance is what makes all the difference. - Tim