Spirituality of Personal Growth

Spirtuality sky with moon

When we were children we had a clear sense of spirituality, or 'presence,' but we didn't have words for our experience.  There was an appreciation of the wondrous and fantastic quality we experienced when we looked up into the heavens, wondering how we got here and what life was all about.

After very little time passed, the adults -- mostly our parents -- clubbed us over the head with the idea that we needed to 'grow up' and stop 'day dreaming' about all the enthusiasm that filled us with the mysteries of life.  Before we knew it, we'd forgotten that we'd ever felt fascinated by anything, and the grindstone of life had flattened most, if not all of the curiosity and joy we'd known.

This presence is in every moment of life; we're just not always paying attention, which is why we don't often think of ourselves as spiritual beings.  In other words, our culture and parents taught us to be 'outer-directed' in our experience of how we define 'reality.'  This is the famous stamp of illusion.  Illusion has sent us on many wild goose chases looking for the rainbow's pot of gold -- that mirage, which we are convinced is just ahead with our very next step -- but we never quite get there.

The Undeniable Spiritual Existence

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After years, and sometimes lifetimes of 'never quite getting there,' we have this moment of recognition. We reach a point in our lives where we recognize that no matter how much money we make, how many possessions we acquire, or how many thrilling adventures we experience, something feels hollow in our lives, a kind of emptiness draws us inward to our natural 'presence.'

For many thousands of years the great masters have articulated both the practical and esoteric aspects of what it means to be a spiritual being living in a physical universe powered by a tremendous 'presence' of energy, the very energy that inhabits our individual bodies, and everything in the universe. 

The Eventuality of Spirituality

People commonly seek spiritual direction in times of crisis and life transitions of various kinds.  As multi-dimensional beings -- spiritual, physical, emotional, mental, psychological, etc. -- when we have experiences that are difficult the impact on our lives can be overwhelming and devastating.  The loss of a loved one, divorce, death, financial bankruptcy, chronic illness, etc. -- all of these take their toll in one or more ways. Any of them can move you into the depth of questioning the meaning of life and therefore move you into a period of deep reflection, asking what's really important.

Counseling, workshops, meditation, and various exercises are valuable aids in helping us develop more awareness and compassion with ourselves, and the world around us.  The more we explore what is deep within us, the more we heal, and the greater our personal development flourishes.

One of the reasons counseling and meditation can be powerful tools for growing our awareness is that it gives us an opportunity to be still long enough, reflect and listen more deeply to important aspects of our lives that we've been previously unconscious about.  Having the benefit of working with an experienced personal growth counselor who has gone through their own extensive exploration of emotion, psyche, physical, mental and spiritual, can be crucial to finding our way through these times of crisis and life transition.  You want a spiritual guide that is familiar with the vast terrain of the inner world of human consciousness.

When we look around at the world today, we see a large gap -- valuing the sacred nature of life itself, its 'presence.'  The unconscious disregard for the sacred is a pandemic problem, which reflects the universal human cry for understanding and peace.

The more we choose to connect with the inner realms of ourselves -- the dark and light -- the more we invite ourselves to let go of harmful and wounding characteristics, and the more deeply we can connect with ourselves and our world.  Ultimately, we are able to see the pain we experience as a 'disconnect' with 'what is,' an unconscious neglect of our ultimate destiny.

When we open up and share our life story with others there is a realization that we're connected. We begin to feel the loneliness and isolation dissolve as we share our pain, sorrow, and joy with one another, and also as we stand witness to others authentic sharing and letting go.

Eventually, we discover how we really are all connected to each other, and every living particle of the universe.  What a liberating experience it is to no longer feel alone and cut off from the real joy, peace and happiness that is the birthright of every human being, a coming home to the essential truth of who we are.