Sexual Subtype

Learning why the Sexual Subtype is motivated by connection with other,  and issues of separation is key to growth.

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All instinctual subtypes have their specific orientation, and the Sexual Subtype is based on the relationship of two, the early connection with ourselves, and our significant caregiver. The Sexual Subtype is motivated by connection with the other, which wrestles with issues of separation and re-union.

The primary focus relates to intimate one-to-one relationships or partnering with the beloved in our intimate world, which may or may not involve sex. It's important to understand that the labeling of this subtype has to do with the intimacy in our lives, which has the common association with sexual intimacy.

Safety for the Sexual Instinctual Subtype

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The Sexual Subtype defines safety on the need for intensity of connection or special bonding with another. The survival strategy is either abstinence or promiscuity.

There will be a tendency to make sacrifices for the relationship to insure connection. The belief is that there cannot be wholeness unless I find my other half. So rather than looking inward or to the group for security these types tend to look to the mate to solve whatever feels out of balance or sense of insecurity.

The sexual subtype may socialize, but with the intent of connecting with another that provides some sense of intimacy. Even with relationships that are not sexual in nature there will be a strong creative relating that is 2nd chakra in nature, relating back to the umbilical connection.

The Concerns & Questions Involve Issues of Intimacy

  • "To be intimate or not to be intimate?"
  • "How to be intimate?"
  • "What am I?"
  • "How attractive am I?"

  • Although we use the term sexual subtype, or one-on-one, it doesn't necessarily have anything to do with being "sexy," since many things are sexy to different people, and sexiness can be in any of the instinctual types. Nor is it more "glamorous" than the other two. All the instinctual subtypes become distorted in the type, which cause us the greatest problems.

    It appears that all types, regardless of their primary type, prefer communicating one-to-one in a group, which is not exclusive to the sexual subtype. The difference will be the intensity of intimate contact and what gives them a sense of feeling alive. This type can manifest sexual promiscuity on one side of the coin, or the opposite by having a fearful, isolating attitude toward sex and intimacy. Both positions will be intense, even about their avoidances.

    The Sexual Subtype Words for Each Enneagram Point

  • Point 1 Anxiety,Zeal, Jealousy/Heat, Rivalry
  • Point 2 Seduction, Aggression
  • Point 3 Masculine Roles or Feminine Roles
  • Point 4 Competition, Hate
  • Point 5 Confidence, Trust
  • Point 6 Strength, Beauty
  • Point 7 Fascination, Suggestibility
  • Point 8 Possession, Surrender
  • Point 9 Union, Oneness