Point 6 Skeptic

The growth edge of Point 6 Skeptic is becoming their own authority and advocate."

"Question authority."


  • Warm
  • Witty
  • Loyal
  • Intuitive
  • Sensitive
  • Protective
  • Thoughtful
  • Trustworthy
  • Responsible
  • Insightful
  • Point 6 Skeptic

    Where Attention & Energy Go Against Personal Growth

  • Point 6 Skeptic identifies with underdog causes
  • Authority issues either submitting or rebelling
  • Procrastination of action "Thinking replaces doing" is an example of personal growth barriers
  • Concerned about exposing self for fear of attack from others
  • Difficulty accepting success; can leave task(s) incomplete
  • Suspicious of other's motives looking for "hidden agenda"
  • Absolute loyalty to the case can take precedent over individuals
  • Belief that one is safe if 'danger' can be disarmed either by attacking it or siding with it
  • Focus energy on scanning the environment looking for clues to explain the inner sense of threat.
  • The tone and color of these tendencies will vary depending upon your instinctual subtype

  • Fixations

    • Doubt
    • Fear

    Higher Aspects

    • Courage
    • Faith

    Enneagram Point 6 Skeptic Look-Alikes

    Point 1 & 6 -- Both can be cautious, anxious, worried, needing to figure things out
  • 6's - By doubting tries to figure out what can go wrong in order to gain safety, worst case scenario
  • 1's - By judging/comparing tries to prevent mistakes, correct what is wrong, avoid criticism
  • Point 2 & 6 -- Both are warm, anxious, disarming - sensitive and deferring to others' wants
  • 6's - Warily holds back, doubting self/others, spurning indispensability, give to get security
  • 2's - Moves forward w/ active energy focus on important others, indispensable, gives for self-identity
  • Point 4 & 6 -- Both are contrary, magnify situations, anti-authority, break rules, self-doubt
  • 6's - Counterphobic - doesn't want to be trapped in feelings/longings, looks for what might go wrong
  • 4's - Attracted to deep feelings, wants emotional affect, expansive, looks for what is missing
  • Point 8 & 6 -- Both aggressive, seem fearless, fight for causes, world is untrustworthy
  • 6's - Counterphobic - hesitates before taking action, magnify dangers, doubts and questioning arise
  • 8's - Reacts from instinct, minimizing or denying dangers, holds ground, denies vulnerability

  • Summary - Point 6 Skeptic

    The Point 6 Skeptic is the most explicit fear type on the Enneagram. This type can be either phobic, appearing furtive and frightened of a situation, or counterphobic seeking out and engaging a fearful situation to lessen the anxiety. The outward presentation can look quite different, almost as if they were two different Enneagram types. However, the manifestations are derived from the same psychological base.

    The phobic Point 6 Skeptic will avoid danger when it is sensed, becoming cautious, ambivalent or compliant in order to feel safe. Their physical appearance may be modest, charming or meek, even self-effacing.

    The counterphobic Point Six may act much more aggressive, be outspoken, tough and challenging. In both types, there is an inner sense of doubting, which can cause inaction and procrastination.

    Distrust of authority looms large in the pattern of the Skeptic. The Six is often scanning for hidden agendas and can become suspicious of others' motives, and magnify danger. Success can sometimes be difficult as it could lead one to exposure for attack. Projecting a worse case scenario is a way to keep their wits sharp and maintain safety

    Point Sixes are highly creative and can be great team players with the security of a consistent environment.

    The healthy Point 6 Skeptic has a deep capacity for loyalty. They have developed their own inner authority with the capacity to support one's self in the face of doubt. There is also an ability to look past appearances and see the depth of a person or situation. There is faith in self, others and the universe, recognizing and accepting that uncertainty and insecurity is a natural part of life.

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