Point 3 Performer - Love Comes from Being

Point 3 Performer learns that love comes from being, not doing and having.

"I achieve."


  • Poised
  • Leader
  • Effecient
  • Practical
  • Competent
  • Personable
  • Enthussiastic
  • Self-Assured
  • Inspires Hope
  • Performer path symbol

    Where Attention & Energy Go Against Personal Growth

  • Efficiency
  • Point 3 Performer is identified with achievement and performance
  • Competition and the avoidance of failure
  • Poor access to personal feelings, many which are personal growth barriers
  • Belief that one gains love and acceptance from what you produce rather than 'who' you are
  • Presentation of an image that is 'adjusted' to gain approval
  • Multi-track thinkers with on-going tasks and future tasks
  • The tone and color of these tendencies will vary depending upon your instinctual subtype

  • Fixations

    • Deceit
    • Vanity

    Higher Aspects

    • Honesty
    • Hope

    Enneagram Performer Look-Alikes

    Point 1 & 3 -- Both are achievers, goal & success oriented
  • 3's - Point 3 Performer focus is on goal for external recognition, will 'cut corners' for efficiency
  • 1's - Inner critic, high standards, motivated by 'what is right'
  • Point 5 & 3 -- Both can be task, activity, doing oriented, suspend feelings to avoid their impact
  • 3's - Activity is essentially continuous, go-head energy, concern for keeping a good image
  • 5's - Activity, energy expression in bursts, interspersed with retraction to re-charge, think things over
  • Point 7 & 3 -- Both are active, assertive, upbeat, overbooked, tend to avoid negative feelings
  • 3's - Focus on good image and external approval for accomplishments to sustain self-worth
  • 7's - Focus on pleasures, interests, a sense of personal entitlement to keep options open
  • Point 8 & 3 -- Both assertive, willing to take charge, radiate competence and confidence
  • 3's - Alters, chameleon, changes direction to reach goal, anger when goal is obstructed
  • 8's - Holds to a position, gets confrontational, and expresses anger directly and easily

  • Summary - Point Three - Performer

    Point 3 Performer presents a surface image of conformity, competitiveness and high achievement, but have great difficulty expressing their personal feelings and needs concretely and directly. It is difficult for them to distinguish their own feelings from the feelings that come with a 'role.'

    Failure is avoided at all costs if possible. If it can't be avoided it will be reframed as a positive. Their worth is measured by external achievements of 'doing' that include the roles and the images that they play, believing that they are loved for what they do rather than who they are.

    An image of being successful, productive, and looking good, become all important at a price of being true to their inner self. They can tend to buy into their own successful persona that they have so carefully crafted, while intimate relationships suffer in the process. The intimate may be presented with a mask to love, thus leaving the three never feeling truly loved for who they are, but for what they can do, constantly moving from task to task, securing outcomes.

    The healthy Point Three is often extremely good at setting and meeting goals, while being organized and flexible. They learn quickly what needs to be done, and can be inspired leaders with an energetic and positive outlook. Their priorities become a sense of honor, family and friendship with being able to set boundaries and limits with work.

    The strengths of a Point Three include, leadership, efficiency, practicality, personable, enthusiastic, self-assured, poised with a take charge attitude, multi-track thinkers, active.

    Point 3 Performer grows by seing themselves separate from image and performing.

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