Phone Counseling

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Phone counseling provides a convenient method for long distance and busy people to make personal growth progress.

Due to the expanding network of referrals that come from all over the country, this kind of sessions comprise a large percentage of Barbara's counseling service.

For some, after experiencing their initial Typing Session, people are curious and want to deepen their understanding of themselves. Subsequently, an individual will schedule several follow up sessions. Many individuals have commented that they have been able to explore sensitive issues more easily than in person, because it feels less threatening than face-to-face counseling.

This approach compliments personal growth counseling beautifully. Many are grateful for the access of working with personal growth issues by phone.

  • Convenience - call from anywhere
  • Comfort - stay in your pajamas if you want
  • Time Saver - no travel required
  • Focused - many feel it's less distracting
  • Effective - people say they're less inhibited

    How Personal Growth Phone Counseling Works

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    1. Schedule a session either by phone or email.
    2. Payment is by check or credit card.
    3. Checks are sent in advance of the scheduled session.
    4. Credit card payments via a secured, Google Checkout link.
    5. All phone session payments are paid prior to the scheduled session.
    6. All sessions are confirmed by email.

    schedule a phone counseling session or Call 541-318-1981