Personal Growth Workshops

Personal growth workshops provide an excellent way to break away from limitations.

Enneagram Panel Workshop

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Through a series of revealing questions, panelists of the nine different types will be interviewed, giving you in-depth understanding of how each Enneagram Point perceives the world. Read more...

  • Deepen the understanding of your strengths and challenges
  • Experience greater compassion
  • Expand the quality of your relationships
  • Enrich the opportunity for personal growth
  • Subtype Workshop

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    In the workshop you will see the various ways this instinctual subtype behavior or personal strategy drives your approach to all situations. Like many personal growth workshops, you discussion, observation, and participation form the foundation of how you will experience all three Subtypes, and how differently the same subtype manifests within the nine personality points. Read more...

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    Transitions Workshop

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    The Transitions workshop offers a safe and supportive environment to explore the lessons presented by the inevitable transitions one encounters in life. These personal growth workshops provide a rare opportunity to examine the challenging in-between places we find ourselves. However, this time we'll have the ability to see what's really happening to us in the midst of these transition points. The people who enter into this yearlong program will experience a deeper healing on their individual paths personal growth and wholeness. Read more...

    Viewpoints Workshop

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    Viewpoints evenings will be a rich and rewarding opportunity witnessing and exploring the human experience as it directly relates to your successful and compassionate participation in life. For these personal growth workshops, the evening is designed for making progress on individual personal growth issues. Read more...