News - Fourth Quarter 2007


Barbara Hastings
61323 Brianne Pl, Bend, OR 97702

New Enneagram Personality Panel Workshop for Counselors approved for Continuing Credit Units by Oregon Chapter of National Association of Social Workers

Enneagram Personality Panel Workshop is Designed to - Create Compassionate Client Connections

A workshop developed to enable counselors to understand and incorporate the Enneagram personality typing system into their work has been approved for Continuing Education Units by the Oregon Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) site. This is the first program of its type to gain approval.

With training, the Enneagram is a powerful tool to gaining insight into the parts of the psyche that often are the most hidden and hard to identify, but which manifest themselves in behavior patterns. The "points" on the Enneagram - which uses the ancient geometric figure to visually portray the patterns and their relationships - name nine distinct personality types, including the Perfectionist, Giver, Performer, Romantic, Observer, Skeptic, Optimist, Protector and Mediator. The Enneagram system also identifies three personality "sub-types": self-preservation, sexual and social. Knowing a client's personality point helps counselors create more compassionate connections.

The Enneagram Personality Panel Workshop for Counselors, led by Enneagram veteran, Barbara Hastings, is offered regularly in Bend, Oregon.

Hastings points out that the benefits to those in the counseling profession and to their clients are deep and far-reaching. "When a counselor can identify a client's Enneagram point and sub-type and also the way in which the points interrelate," she says, "he or she then has a powerful insight into a client's deep, unconscious motivations for behaviors that have led to a client's "stuck" feeling." This insight opens the way for deep healing and accelerated personal growth.

During the workshop, social workers will have hands-on experience, interviewing a panel composed of a representative of each of the nine personalities. Through panelist responses to a standard series of questions, participants will witness firsthand the striking differentiation within each of the nine personalities.

Social Workers will receive 17 Hours of CEU, and can save $50 when registering before January 11, 2008.

For more information, schedule of workshops and to register, go to, - also provides individual and group counseling sessions and workshops for a variety of personal, family, professional and relationships issues.