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A life coach empowers sustainable personal growth helping you create the life you want. When the client is empowered, sustainable personal growth is the natural outcome.

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Let's use a common scenario where the client desires more success. The coach begins with a client identifying what seems to be blocking success, and gets out the bucket of paint labeled, 'Attitude' and lavish coats of Attitude paint are recommended for the cure. Of course, there will be other suggestions to attain success, but for the most part things are on the surface of the individual, and not in the psychological foundation of that unique individual, which is where the life coach really needs to begin.

Make no mistake; attitude is an important component in life. However, there's a vast difference between some superficial understanding of a client, and the recognition of the naturally occurring strengths within an individual's psychological characteristics. All the Attitude paint is useless if the whole person -- their strengths and challenges -- are not considered. Understanding why a person is motivated to behave in a particular way, and how to create lasting success by utilizing the natural tendencies of the whole person is key.

How a Personal Growth Life Coach Creates a Difference

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Utilizing the accurately objective power of the Enneagram, a great life coach is able to determine a core set of values and motivations that shape every thought, word and action of an individual, and this becomes a solid coaching foundation to help the client build successful personal growth. Beginning at this fundamental level of psychology, the Enneagram provides an easy to understand framework for coaching that goes beyond traditional coaching experiences to the essential building blocks of personal growth.

Here's a coaching example. The Performer (Point Three Enneagram personality type) continuously seeks new and improved ways to become more efficient and productive. The Performer already knows the feeling of achievement, but underneath the achievement is the belief that the more they accomplish, the more they will be loved, which is a motivation driven by 'deceit.'  Some coaches might not see the gold within the client that is being passed by because he is able to get the task accomplished. However, this kind of coaching advice overlooks a vital piece of human integrity. That kind of coaching turns a blind eye to a very destructive pattern. There are ways to accomplish the same task without deceiving yourself or others in the process, which lends itself to functioning at a higher level of consciousness, and in turn leads one to a level of achievement that becomes easier and more spontaneous, not requiring deceit of any kind.

What is a Personal Growth Life Coach?

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For example, if you know the Performer (Point Three) wants to be loved for themselves rather than their achievements, and that this secret desire feels unattainable to them -- especially because we live in a society that rewards achievement -- isn't that an important detail when considering the whole person?

Certainly, the most frightening question to the Performer is, "Who am I - my identity - without my achievements?"  This will typically drive the motivation of self-deceit deeper because the fear/illusion is identified with achievement.

Like all compensatory ego behaviors, only the special skill and training of a experienced life coach is able to coach effectively with these fragile psychological patterns. In the case of the Performer, the successful coaching outcome occurs when the Performer feels seen for who they are, versus what they do. This kind of coaching success requires that a client be motivated to change. Otherwise, all the coaching wisdom in the world will be a waste.

You will find the exploration of your Enneagram Type and uncover self-defeating patterns that may be hidden from you, and by bringing them into the light will create long lasting, positive personal growth. A life coach with this kind of approach to coaching empowers an individual in ways where they recognize the difference between dependence, independence and interdependence.

Your initial life coaching session with Barbara begins with an Enneagram Typing Interview to determine and deepen one's understanding of one's Enneagram Type. From there one will explore one's core motivations, influences, relationship issues, work issues, spiritual matters, and career choices. Understanding one's type offers an in-depth accuracy to the problems or issues that continually arise in one's life.

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