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Enneagram Typing Session is all about determining your Enneagram point, which is fundamental to your personal growth. Knowing your Enneagram point will give you all the important landmarks of your personality. These personality characteristics are beneficial for you in developing a deeper, effective and more compassionate relationship with yourself and your world in healing your challenges, and maximizing your strengths for personal growth. Additionally, having your Enneagram point will facilitate working in private sessions, and workshops.

In a Enneagram Typing Session, you will enjoy a conversational interview with Barbara Hastings where she'll ask a series questions, which will guide her in determining your core Enneagram point.

In this session we discuss your primary preoccupations or issues that have claimed your attention throughout your life, which is to say we are uncovering some of your gifts, preoccupations, and defense mechanisms.

The Myth of Online Personality Testing

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Despite the popularity of online personality testing, you cannot achieve the kind of accuracy essential for real, personal growth due to the subtlties and sophistication of the Enneagram system. The primary reason is that you might answer 'yes' or 'no' to a particular question, and that answer will multiply the possibilities of who you are. Only in a Enneagram Typing Session can a skilled teacher or counselor can discern the subtleties involved at that point. At best, online testing only serves as entertainment, hardly anything to be taken seriously.

Without the correct knowledge of your 'core' you can't move from unconscious behavior to conscious behavior. You can imagine, thinking you are one point, when in actuality you're not, which means you'd be working on the wrong characteristic.

Often people will ask if they need to do anything to prepare, and the answer is, 'No.'  Some people will have read a number of books describing the various points and while this is fine, it is completely unnecessary for the interview.

Discovering your core type, allows for a deeper understanding of who you are in the world. Once this knowledge has been revealed, awareness deepens from unconscious state to conscious one, and the possibilities for higher states of consciousness increases exponentially.

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