Enneagram Panel Workshop

The Enneagram Panel Workshop is a potent tool for change because it shows how our choices are motivated by our strengths and challenges. Our choices are influenced by perspectives adopted in childhood, which are detailed as nine basic personality Points. While we are multi-dimensional beings, the personality is primarily motivated by one particular world view, and that view defines our behavior, and generates connection or disconnection in life.

Without question, the Enneagram Panel Workshop is one of the most fascinating personal growth seminars you'll attend. When you witness the nine panels comprised of three to four individuals on each panel, you'll experience more insight about yourself and the human world than ever before.

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The Workshop

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Through a series of revealing questions, panelists of the nine different types will be interviewed, giving you in-depth understanding of how each Enneagram Point perceives the world.

You Will

  • Deepen the understanding of your strengths and challenges
  • Experience greater compassion
  • Expand the quality of your relationships
  • Enrich the opportunity for personal growth
  • Do You Know Your Enneagram Point?

    To get the most from your experience an Enneagram Typing Session is recommended prior to the Workshop if you don't already know your Enneagram Type.

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    Date: November 8-10, 2019
    Location: The Haven, 1001 SW Disk Dr., Bend, OR 97702
    Time: Friday 7-10 PM; Saturday and Sunday (10 AM-6:45 PM)
    Price: $475 - ($375 if received BY October 18, 2019)
    Payment by Check To: Barbara Hastings
    Payment Address: 61323 Brianne Pl, Bend, OR 97702

    Call 541-318-1981