Counseling Psychology - The Enneagram Paragdigm

Counseling Psychology

In counseling psychology sessions with clinicians, there is an immediately recognizable language enjoyed through the diagnostic wisdom of the Enneagram, which aids in developing a more effective and compassionate client relationship.

Many clinicians have confessed that some clients are extra challenging to work with because of their defenses, which makes progress difficult.

The tool set of counseling psychology is a complex universe. The Enneagram Paradigm provides an easy to learn diagnostic tool to access and understand the complexities of human psychology.

The Enneagram shows where childhood defense patterns co-create certain personality characteristics or tendencies.

Counseling Psychology - The Enneagram Workshop

In the Enneagram Workshop, which is a contemporary take on a remarkable, centuries-old system of personality classification, you'll see some very specific ways that compensatory mechanisms both protect the child from unmanageable pain, and separate him or her from the genuine qualities of Self he or she is attempting to embody.

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As a clinician, you'll appreciate the Enneagram's uniqueness, offering a view of the human psyche that links childhood wounding and patterns of defense to our deepest desires to feel the wholeness of our soul, or what is called Essence.

For example, the Point 1 Perfectionist lives in the world of right and wrong. Preoccupied with valiantly trying to reclaim the inherent soul quality of "goodness" from which he or she became separated early in childhood.

Like every Point in the Enneagram Typology, disconnection from wholeness manifests with specific preoccupations that are unique to the nature of that personality's worldview.

Another example is the Point 5 Observer who developed an overly intellectual perspective, is valiantly attempting to repair the area of his or her own inner knowing.

In the Enneagram Workshop, a series of ostensibly simple questions are asked to panelists of the nine different types, giving you in-depth understanding of how each Point perceives the world, pays attention, manages discomfort ,and attempts to meet or minimize need.

The panelists will be interviewed about their particular organization of thinking, feeling and acting from their explicit set of perceptual filters that determine their worldview.

Counseling Psychology for Clinicians & Clients

Hastings, who has taught the Enneagram Typology extensively for 20 years in counseling and workshop formats, demonstrates the "miss-understanding" that happens within each type and how that gets magnified in relating with our world.

Hastings will introduce you to the holistic diagnosis for exploring specific character structure, core adaptive strategies, and relationship issues for individuals, couples, and families.

Learning from the different Enneatypes helps individuals and couples normalize their experience, and promotes acceptance of individual differences. It also provides a clear understanding of the core motivation, the driving energy and organization of attention for each of the nine types.

To gain maximum benefit, an Enneagram Typing Session is recommended prior to the Workshop if you don't already know your Enneagram Type.