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What about personal growth counseling? How can you use it to tap more of your potential? Great questions, especially for the Skeptic in all of us.

Like many of you, I was conditioned to believe that if only I could attain certain external markers, I would eventually be okay, accepted, and hopefully, happy. After achieving some measure of these so-called 'achievements,' I still felt deep down inside that something wasn't right. There was a nagging sense of something seriously missing, but I had no idea what it was or how to fix it. Indeed, something was missing -- a real connection to my most basic self -- my fundamental Being-ness.

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Because I had become so good at fitting in, minimizing my needs and caretaking others, I projected an image of being in control, competent, and more-or-less together. I became the person people could depend on, and therefore found an identity.

However, I was in denial of how deep my childhood wounding extended, and how much I was living in an 'adaptive trance.' I was in my mid twenties when the armor began to crack, and all those deeply buried feelings of fear, pain, and aloneness started rising to the surface. Looking back, I realize I was fortunate to find out about personal growth so young.

I wanted to find out more about personal growth, and so I attended my first personal growth workshop in the 70's, and it was with relief and gratitude that I found I was not alone in my dilemma. I discovered that to some extent we are all scarred, card-carrying members of the walking wounded, and the cards we carry are our broken hearts.

The more I learned about personal growth the better I felt. I came to know that the shame I once felt and wanted to hide was a precious part of me, and need not be denied. I came to know that all parts of me -- the expanded parts and the contracted parts, the mature parts and the not so mature parts -- all deserved space to breathe and be felt.

I learned that there were others who could be patient and spacious with me around the parts of myself that had gone underground. I learned to be patient and spacious with myself. And finally, discovering more about personal growth as it relates to the Enneagram, and learning about adaptive patterns different from my own, I learned to be patient and spacious with others' disowned wounds and unclaimed gifts.

My own personal growth work continues with various teachers and disciplines, but from a vastly different perspective. I am no longer trying to 'fix' something defective inside of me. Now, everything that arises in me becomes an opportunity to embrace more of myself and to be gently held in an ever-expanding container of this Being called, Barbara Hastings.

The critical and judgmental voice that once ran the show has not disappeared entirely, but this once, predominant voice, is now a much fainter one. My deepest hope for those of you exploring more about personal growth, is that you will embark on, or continue on your own personal growth journey and make real, the magnificence and wholesomeness of your own Being.

With deep respect for the very Human, and the very Divine that we all are. -- Barbara Hastings

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Information about Personal Growth Counselor, Barbara Hastings -- she was one of the first certified teachers of the Enneagram under pioneer, Helen Palmer, and has been a teacher and personal growth counselor providing personal growth counseling for over 22 years. She brings an in-depth knowledge of spirituality, personality systems, as well as other healing modalities and their applications to individuals and group processes. Her teachings draw from extensive experience in leading workshops and private consultation work with individuals, couples and organizations.

Additionally, on her path of training and self-discovery as a personal growth counselor she studied Transformational Body Energies with W. Brugh Joy, M.D., and to Bali where she lived and studied for three months absorbing the artistically spiritual culture of the Balinese. Barbara continues deepening her skill as a personal growth counselor along with the understanding of herself and human nature with her involvement in the Waking Down in Mutuality community, studying with senior teachers, Hillary Davis and Ted Strauss

Barbara incorporates a diverse range of knowledge and experience that encompasses the psychological and spiritual aspects of human development required for effective personal growth counseling.  She offers herself as a guide for personal growth through the complex landscape of what it means to be human.

Personal Growth - What to Expect

The first thing you will experience in working with Barbara is that your uniqueness will be identified, and you'll continually be invited to be that uniqueness, deepening a growing comfort with who you truly are.  Personal growth counseling invites you to be seen as a whole person, held with compassion and guided in healing your challenges, which are often hidden strengths, and in growing your strengths, which are sometimes the overlooked parts of one's self.

A unique benefit of working with a personal growth counselor like Barbara is not only the enjoyment of greater self-acceptance, but you'll also be given specific, practical information that will nurture and support your personal growth and transformation.  You will recognize Barbara's commitment for you to deepen into your most authentic self.

In addition to being a personal growth counselor and teaching the Enneagram, Barbara has led programs for developing consciousness throughout the United States, instructing thousands of men and women.  Some of her courses have included the Leadership Development Series, Healing Energy & Emotions, and Reaching the Wounded Self.

Additionally, Barbara has created powerful programs and residential retreats for women: The Power of Being a Woman, Awakening the Feminine Energy, and The Dark Feminine.

In business as a personal growth counselor, Barbara works with corporate divisions to facilitate effective and dynamic understanding of how personality strengths are maximized with individuals and teams.  Barbara has worked with organizations including Kaiser Permanente, Thereupon, and the e-Myth Academy, increasing individual and group performance with the introduction of the Enneagram to maximize personal growth in a group environment.

In addition, Barbara instructs individuals who want to accelerate their personal growth by learning how to "type" using the Enneagram model as well as teaching them to interview panelists.  She also has served as a supervisor for students in the Enneagram certification process with Helen Palmer and David Daniels.

Barbara is available for guest lectures on personal growth development, relationships, group dynamics, personal growth counseling and also offers on-going programs throughout the year: The Enneagram Panel Workshop; The Enneagram Subtype Workshop; Transitions and a new program that began in 2007 called Viewpoints.